You have wings, Learn to use them, and fly! Rumi

I can assist in many ways in any area of your life: wealth and well-being, confidence/self-esteem, fear/phobias, discovering your potential, fulfillment, success, relationships, energy level increase, stress release, creativity, physical conditions (back pain, psoriasis, eyesight, etc), weight management and many more.


ThetaHealing technique can be used remotely via Skype or Telephone. Face to face and remote sessions have the same effectiveness. 

Single Session of 60 min - investment 95


Single Session of 90 min - investment 95

promotion Package - Book Three sessions for 270

Get the most of your session!

  • Drink plenty of water.

  • Establish what would you like to work on/resolve/improve/achieve.

  • Learn how to muscle test. This is beneficial for ThetaHealing® sessions only.

  • During the session: relax, receive the healing fully and allow the transformation to happen.

  • Enjoy the session and the outcomes!


Relevant Certifications:

REIKI - Master Level

ThetaHealing® Basic DNA

ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Instructors

ThetaHealing® Game of Life

ThetaHealing® Soul Mate

ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA

ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA Instructors

ThetaHealing® Intuitive Anatomy

ThetaHealing® DNA 3

ThetaHealing® Manifesting and Abundance

ThetaHealing® RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight

ThetaHealing® Manifesting and Abundance Instructors

ThetaHealing® World Relations

ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper

ThetaHealing® Dissease and Disorder

ThetaHealing® Planes of Existence

ThetaHealing® Rainbow Children Instructors

ThetaHealing® You and Your Significant Other

Ecstatic Awaikening Dance™

Access Consciousness® - Access Bars®

Access Consciousness® - Access Energetic Facelift™

NLP Foundation Diploma

Nutritional Therapist Diploma

Attended The Coaching Academy's Certificate in Personal Coaching Event


What people say:

Vicky said “Sarka is a wonderfully warm, patient and supportive trainer, and the course progressed at a perfect pace to enable us to build our confidence gradually. I have found Theta Healing to be incredibly powerful and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to understand themself better, to remove obstacles from their path, to achieve their goals with ease, and also to offer these valuable opportunities to others.”

Nancy said “ Thank you for those AMAZING three days. My life has truly changed since then. I feel brand new and also like I have remembered my true self from 'always'.

Viara said “Sarka is an incredible down to earth person who immediately connects to everyone around her. She is very calm and collected which makes it easy to adapt in her company. Once you start the session with Sarka you immediately feel that she has picked up what is bothering you. It's easy to communicate with her as she is a very understanding and patient person especially when it comes to healing."


Kristina said "Sarka has a wonderful warm embracing energy, that makes one feel safe and calm in her presence. She has fast and "nailing" intuitive skills in working with issues of the body and mind in the field of Intuitive Anatomy and Disease & Disorder of the Theta healing technique" All the best with lots of love. Kristina


Joanne said “ Theta Healing with Sarka is always a beautiful journey, and you are in such charming and delightful company. For me it is important to feel that I am in reliable and safe hands, and I definitely do in our sessions. Sarka has integrity and her determination to get to the heart of my issues is impressive. Despite going in to murky depths we still have plenty of laughs and fun. On several occasions we have worked on aspects of my life that I find intensely distressing and by the time we finish the clouds have parted and I feel so much brighter and lighter. I know that working with Sarka has made a tangible difference to how I experience myself and my life. She definitely helps me to bring the sunshine in and is a highly gifted practitioner."


Zuzka said "I had an healing session with Sarka. I had a problem with a cervical spine and I felt immedially a lot of energy after 1 hour session and I lost a pain behind my neck in a two days. What is better than invest to your health? I can recommend Sarka as gifted and very nice and positive person."


Renee said "I would highly recommend you invest in a session/sessions!!! It was very clear, thorough and easy to follow. I felt quite positive and relaxed from the day after. Thanks for sharing your gift"


Dusi said "I wasn't sure what to expect as I knew very little about Reiki. But Sarka with her very kind approach explained everything and took time to reassure me that there is nothing to be worried about. During the session I felt very relaxed and managed to switch off which is very unusual for me. After the session I felt pleasantly tired and very calm. Very next day I was buzzing with energy, positive thinking and felt very calm and balanced which lasted several days. I have thoroughly enjoyed Reiki with Sarka and would like to thank her once again. I will definitely have Reiki again. I highly recommend Reiki to anyone and everyone. Treat yourself, your mind, your soul and body. If you decide to give it a go and are looking for someone who is special and cares, Sarka is your person."


Anastasia said "Sarka is a pleasure and delight to work with, or just be with! She is full of love and light! Just being around her heals me! I am blessed and grateful to know her and I learn from her very much! She is very intuitive, insightful and gifted and I feel blissed out after having a session with Sarka!"


Petra said " I have had an Access Bars session with Sarka, which was an amazing experience. Throughout the whole session Sarka was a true professional, explaining the healing method and its benefits, ensuring that I was comfortable and answering all my questions with ease. She was radiating warmth, positive energy and genuine desire to improve my wellbeing. When the healing was completed, I started to feel the results almost immediately and they lasted for a few weeks afterwards. I am so impressed with your healing talent Sarka, Thank you!"


Claudia said "Love Sarka's healing and we have really good results and lots of fun too. Thanks for that :-) I would recommend her to you.


Joanna said “Extraordinary journey begins with meeting extraordinary people. Šárka is excellent teacher and healer and knows how to bring joy into her seminars. I have taken part in basic DNA Thetahealing course and will be coming back for advanced session in few months. Well worth the time.”

Lina said “I would like to give special thanks to Sarka Tomsu, for taking me on this journey of great spiritual re-connection and enlightenment through her Theta healing course, and for all the healing and unconditional love I received and am now able to pass on.This is a highly recommended course for anyone who wishes to tap into and unleash the spiritual power within.”