ThetaHealing® Basic DNA - Enhance your Intuitive Abilities and Create your Future


In this 3  day course you will discover how to use ThetaHealing techniques to create spiritual physical and emotional well-being.

Training focuses on activating the 12 strands of DNA and an opening to the Unconditional Love.

You will learn to identify and change your own limiting beliefs and patterns as well as to practice on other participants in the seminar.

Why attend?

This practice quickly lead to physical and emotional changes. 

Your conscious and subconscious mind will be aligned to achieve your goals

12-strand DNA Activation

Other topics include:

Learn why and how we create our Life

Introduction to manifesting

Future readings

Guardian angel readings

Balancing your moods 

Clearing your auric field

Seven planes of existence

The power of connecting to the creator of all that is/source energy

The 5 brainwaves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta & Gamma

Subconscious limiting beliefs and feelings

Muscle testing and locating limiting beliefs within the subconscious

Gene Healing

Locating and replacing limiting beliefs and feelings with positive, to transform your life

Aligning your conscious and subconscious to achieve your goals

Access infinite knowledge and wisdom to enhance your life

Chakras and psychic senses

Attract abundance into your life

Attract your soul mate into your life

Intuitive body scan

Manifesting your life in the highest and best way

Digital cleanse

Self healing

Group healing


By the end of the seminar you will be prepared to become a practitioner of the ThetaHealing Technique as a ThetaHealer®.

This seminar is taught in 3 consecutive days.


Seminar Includes: ThetaHealing Book and ThetaHealing Basic Practitioners Manual

Prerequisites: None

Duration: 3 Days

Date: Friday to Sunday / 22-24 November

Location: Uxbridge/Near Stockley Park close to junction 4

Investment: Early bird price if paid by 31st October - £395 / Price afterwards - £455 / If you book Basic and Advanced class together - £395 per class

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