Nice to meet you!


Reiki, ThetaHealing®and Access Consciousness® have truly transformed my life. I am happier and healthier than I could ever imagine possible. My perception of myself, my fellow human beings and life on this planet has changed so profoundly and dramatically that my previous world of limitations seems never to have existed.

Part of my divine mission for this lifetime is to assist people who wish to evolve, move forward, grow in any area of their life or to those who are ready to make all the necessary changes on their path to enlightenment.

Are you ready to choose a different possibility? Are you willing to make a different choice? Whatever your perceived limitations are I would love to assist you! My long time hidden intuitive gifts, talents and abilities enable me to initiate transformation for you.

I continuously learn and keep up to date with science and the latest discoveries that support alternative healing techniques and provide further clarity and vital explanations on how energy healing actually works in order to offer the best possible results to my clients and students.

I have had more than ten years of experience with Reiki and extensive knowledge of other amazing healing modalities and feel extremely grateful for all changes in my life, all the skills and talents that were gifted to me and for all that is yet to be revealed and embraced.

I am very excited to share the techniques that changed my life with you so you can also benefit and discover the magic and power that is within you!