Joanne said “Thank you for all the lovely work that we do together - it is fabulous, and I feel it makes a true difference to my life.”

Viara said “Sarka is an incredible down to earth person who immediately connects to everyone around her. She is very calm and collected which makes it easy for the patient to adapt in her company. Once you start the session with Sarka you immediately feel that she has picked up what is bothering you. It's easy to communicate with her as she is a very understanding and patient person especially when it comes to healing”

Anastasia said "Sarka is a pleasure and delight to work with, or just be with! She is full of love and light! Just being around her heals me! I am blessed and grateful to know her and I learn from her very much! She is very intuitive, insightfull and gifted and I feel blissed out after having a session with Sarka! Much Love and Gratitude"